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Our main goal is to have new ideas to find design solutions for our clients.


Creating shoes, bags and accessories is an art fact, therefore  our passion for fashion drives us towards the best results in terms of quality.



The combination of marketing, fashion and design researches, plus creativity and perfect tech knowledge let us produce high end, luxury and even extreme luxury shoe, bag and accessories designs.



To satisfy our clients is the  mission we have, that's why secrecy regarding our clients,  our clients'projects and strategies  is a built-in practice that is always observed by Italian Shoe Design. 

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Prototyping services and more

Thanks to the help of professionals with long experience in the accessories field, we are able to develop prototypes, final samples and production really made in Italy, for more info send email to app@italianshoedesign.it


 Our consultancy services are the following ones :
Fashion Trend Researches

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