Winner 2022 / Women's Fashion / WOMEN'S FASHIONThe Sexy Gladiator Cutout Boot


 This boot 'The Sexy Gladiator Cutout Boot' is made for a sensual and contemporary Amazon warrior. Strong women wear amazing boot to conquer the world.The boot is crafted in Italy by incredible artisans who are dedicated to the craft. The commitment to excellence is superb. From the soft touch of the leather to the robust feel on the foot there is a superb grandness that makes any female feel like a queen. Pattern is brave, and the dimensions are timeless, impeccable artwork that will live in divine fashion history for years to come.

Anna Paola Pascuzzi is an Italian shoe designer, based in Rome, having a long and exstensive experience in fashion shoes design.

Other prizes
Winner of the 1st award for "Design Hogan shoe" by Della Valle (Tod's group).


1st winner of the Hogan/Della Valle award by Tod's