Anna Paola Pascuzzi is  an Italian shoe designer and product manager, based in Rome, having a long and exstensive  experience in fashion shoes and accessories design.


She is a researcher, and author and she was an adjunct professor at Sapienza University in Rome and at the Academy of Luxury in Milan.


We work following your company needs.


We create new structures.

We invent new upper designs on a given structure or on a new one.


Due to our experience in the shoe design,we can create female, male and kids shoe collections of great innovation and sure impact on the market. 


To find out the very brand new concepts for uppers and last designis just part of the game.  


Your success is our goal.



Our shoe design services are bespoke, built on your desiderata.

Here is the link to Anna Paola Pascuzzi's books

Anna Paola Pascuzzi on Linkedin